Things To Do In Minneapolis
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Dude Friendly, Favorites, Treat Yo' self / 10.11.2019

When Tim and I moved to the North Loop, we were both so excited for the amount of amazing restaurants we would be surrounded by, most within walking distance. Shortly after we moved, Kado No Mise opened it's doors. We had walked by multiple times and I had heard some buzz about some of the chefs/owners, so I was excited to try it out. A few of our friends and family tried it before us (even though its right in our back yard) and gave good, yet, underwhelming reviews....

Dude Friendly, Lovely for Ladies / 01.11.2019

A note on who didn't win. Honorable mentions: Culvers,  Shake Shack, Matt's, Burger Jones. I'm not an elitist. Frankly, these burgers are in my honest opinion, as good as those on this list. Culvers is amazing for a fast food restaurant, Shake Shack blew my mind the first time I ate it and is now in the Mall of America, Matt's bar was good enough for Obama to visit when he was in town, and Burger Jones has awesome twists on the burger like their gyro burger I love. 5. Five...

Dude Friendly / 12.10.2019

Guest Post by Tim Brown of Hook Agency The big idea: Last time I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks and it was too extreme. I want to lose weight, but I want it to be more sustainable. Instead of just losing weight super quickly – perhaps I can do it moderately quickly and keep it off- here’s my process and how I lost 10 pounds in a month and kept it off. My solution ended up being a modified ‘Whole 30’ style diet. The whole 30 was too extreme in more ways than...

What Makes Minneapolis Special?

The home to pop legend Prince, First Avenue, The Cherry and the Spoon – but what really makes Minneapolis special? Explore Minneapolis is all about what to do in Minneapolis, but just as much of things to do in Minneapolis we like reveling in the quirks and pleasantries of the nooks and crannies. It's easy to fall in love with a city with little nuggets like the Midtown Global Market where our city's multi-culturalism is out in full force.

The Greenway makes Minneapolis special by being a concourse for bikes and other wheeled transportation, and the lakes that break up Uptown draw out the closet outdoorsman and ladies of the hipsters and yuppies of Uptown. Little hotspots like the CC club, and Williams are great for a game of pool and the Varsity Theater, Kitty Kat Club, and the Ice House are good for a good show.

A brief History of Minneapolis

The land that comprises Minneapolis was originally inhabited by the Mdewakanton band of the Dakota Native Americans, and grew up around the Saint Anthony Falls because of transportation and proximity to Fort Snelling – the first U.S. Military presence in the area. Zebulon Pike was the purchaser of two large tracts of the land in 1808 and gave them $200 in trading goods and sixty gallons of liquor, along with another payment from the United States government – a payment of $2,000.

Flour milling spurred on demand for a railroad to the area, the river helped spur on hydro-electric power, and wheat oats and corn were big industry as well. "The U of M, the arts, and the parks all make up a really solid basis for social awareness and eco-conscious culture that seem to effect alot of aspects of life in Minneapolis." - The Smartest Person in Minnesota

But what is Minneapolis about these days?

  • We're subculturally sociable: Including tons of bike lanes and appreciation of that kind of culture.
  • One of Minnesota’s nicknames is “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” but in total Minnesota's total is closer to 11,000!
  • We're a land of industry! 3M, Best Buy - an electronics store, and Target an upscale department store got there start here and provide a ton of jobs.
  • In addition to the big boys, tons of other smaller companies feed a growing culture and keep the city full of opportunity.
  • Minneapolis is full of theaters like the Guthrie and Ordway, Art Galleries like Walker and M.I.A., and comedy shops like HUGE and Acme Comedy Company.

So there's the obligitory stuff for context, but what do we love about Minneapolis?

"Minnesota nice is a real thing – and it's not just passive aggression. I find that the people of Minneapolis are sincere, pleasant and ambitious. I love walks along the river, and biking around on the greenway and city streets. The culinary options in Minneapolis are incredible and you'll literally never exhaust all of the amazing places to eat if you tried. Altogether, there's tons of stylish – well meaning people and to me that's awesome. You get the character that comes with having to wear 5 coats for 6 months out of the year, and the cultural heritage of several rich cultures in a radical melting pot." - Tim

"Minneapolis has a small town vibe with big city opportunities. There is always something new do to whether it is a checking out a new restaurant, catching a show or spending the day shopping, Minneapolis is a one stop shop. People are friendly, and the vibes a cool." - Bea