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A Bit Personal – How I lost 15 Pounds in 2 weeks – Guest Post

Guest post by Tim Brown, Hook Agency

This is more of the result of an extreme bet that I made with some of my friends (to lose 7% of my body weight – or 15 pounds) than a ‘this is what you should do post.’

If you follow me for my digital marketing content, I should say – the moral here is figuring out what you want to do, and then taking extreme action at all costs to get there. This is how I get incredible results for my clients, and how I get amazing results for my business.

This post is part of that strategy of doing whatever it takes – I want to share the meals I’m eating for the next four days in photograph form as part of my tactic for losing weight fast. If I don’t lose the last seven pounds over the next five days – I may not publish this, but I will certainly come back to it for a record of what happened, and likely finish out the last bit of weight over the next two weeks. Let’s assume I’m going to beat this challenge – what did I do to lose weight so quickly?

*Later Tim’s note: I did end up winning the challenge and losing 15 pounds total in 2 weeks – (17 at weigh-in!)

ONE – I made a bet with people I trusted that whoever could lose 7% of their body weight first would win the other people’s money.

  • Peer Pressure

TWO – I’ve been taking everything that had the best reviews and was part of the most lists as part of weight loss supplement ‘best of’ lists.

Possibly helpful, but not exactly sure if they are directly related:

THREE – I’m trying to add in regular interval running, though I’ve only gotten two sessions in so far – I’m looking to do this every day for the next four days.

  • 45 Minutes in the morning, run fast for a while, then walk for a while… I tried to do this at 1-minute to 3-minute increments, as the idea is just to keep your heart rate at a solid clip.

FOUR – Food is obviously the biggest piece to this whole puzzle. I normally throw down a pizza or two a week, and have mostly turned off the junk food to great effect, as of this morning I was 205.7 pounds, for a total weight loss of 7.3 pounds or 3.5% of my body weight. (Not quite the 7% I’m going for).

I’ve been trying to do intermittent fasting (not eating after dinner and not until 10 or 11 in the morning for a total of 14 hours or so generally). Today I tried to limit my caloric intake to 1200 calories, while my normal intake was around 2200, tracking things in MyFitnessPal, but started this more recently. As part of this challenge, I’m going to share a picture of everything I eat for the next four days (to keep me honest about what I’m eating.)


Meals to cleanse - how I lost over 15 pounds in 2 weeks, in a healthy way


Meals to lose weight - lost 15 pounds is 2 weeks, spinach mushroom egg white omelette and chicken broth


Meals to lose weight quickly


Strawberries and Celery - eating to lose weight quickly, the last day


This somewhat extreme dieting plan is not for people with eating disorders – but for me, it was fun to try! I can sometimes be a ‘couple pizzas a week’ kind of guy, but I wanted to see what MASSIVE ACTION could do for my weight since I was 15 pounds over my preferred weight and 22 pounds over my ‘wedding weight.’

The last day or so I did a little weight training, a little sauna sitting, and tried not to consume too much water – tricks for those last few pounds are sauna sitting, diuretics, and smooth move tea. I also took a queue from wrestlers trying to make weight and sucked on ice cubes that last 20 hours, without a ton of hydration. Going to break into celery with almond butter and the rest of my strawberries and kiwis after weigh-in. Oh, the indulgence!

At final weigh-in, I did hit the goal (actually, beat it by 2 pounds) – but it was a very fun experience overall, a fun challenge to do with my accountability group/mastermind. I took everyone out for burgers and wings at Runyon’s (best wings in Minneapolis) afterward, so even though I won $700 in the bet, maybe more like $600 after burgers and wings.

This brings me to how this weight loss challenge is an analogy for digital marketing – because I feel it’s obligatory on this blog. 

  • Setting a big, inspiring goal
  • Getting accountability
  • Putting your money on the line
  • Researching the critical things needed to achieve that massive goal
  • Doing whatever it takes to reach that goal

Here are some things I read that helped me along the way to lose weight quickly:

The core principle is MASSIVE ACTION.

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