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Dude Friendly / 30.01.2017

The Minneapolis winters can be brutal, but that doesn't mean Minneapolis adventures need to stop! I recently took a long walk from one end of the Minneapolis skyway system to the other, snaking in and out from the Hyatt Regency to a Parking ramp by the North Loop, hitting up little hangout spots along the way like Barnes and Noble in Downtown Mpls. Here's a map of the Minneapolis Skyways!   There are still 2 far corners I'd like to visit in this system, and I totally understand for people that...

Dog's Welcome, Dude Friendly, Favorites, Nature Lovers & Tree Huggers / 16.10.2016

Get your fall fix by picking your own apples at Aamodt’s Apple Farm. We recently took a trip here with my sister and brother- in-law and my adorable niece. This was such a fun family outing and I can’t wait to make this a tradition for the coming years. I love this place because you are able to wander through rows and rows apple trees and fill your bag (as well as your stomach). Isla getting her fall spirit on Afterwards we wandered to the barn to fill up on...