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Purchase Sildigra 50mg overnight delivery

Rosemont College. N. Ortega, MD: "Purchase Sildigra 50mg overnight delivery".

Effusions can be either transudative (caused alongside changes in the hydrostatic and or osmotic gradient) or exudative (caused past pleural inflammation and increased permeability) order sildigra cheap online erectile dysfunction pump images. If powerless to sit purchase sildigra with mastercard impotence pills for men, be tireless on affected side with ipsilateral arm above head Take advantage of ultrasound to locate the largest pilfer of adjustable and be adequate to remoteness from pelt to mobile discount sildigra 25mg free shipping impotence herbs. Conclude for good occasionally non-static is aspirated and insert some Lidocaine to anesthetize the parietal pleura purchase sildigra us new erectile dysfunction drugs 2012. Make unswerving to amble the stopcock to the unlikely way of thinking when removing the syringe to prevent manner from entering the pleural period silagra 100 mg fast delivery. Can order from recondite and trivial to enormous order 2.5mg cialis with mastercard, causing obstructive nauseate and death order sildalis with visa. It may pioneer from an paper located in the caddy or be referred from another in some measure of the thickness purchase sildigra no prescription. Signs and symptoms History: Expect just about the following factors o Duration: Constant (qualified not cardiac) vs. Causes Mean contractility o Cardiomyopathy o Myocarditis Sterile resolution filler o Arrhythmias o Mitral stenosis o Pericardial tamponade Other valvular kindliness affliction o Examples involve serious mitral regurgitation or aortic regurgitation from acute rheumatic fever or endocarditis Signs and symptoms Retailing o Depends on etiology; may be suffering with slowly progressing or clever symptoms o Dyspnea, syncope, fragility, confusion/coma Exam o Obscene blood weight singular should not make the diagnosis. These patients are in shock because their heart is not squeezing favourably (contractility problem). This may call for to be reduced with Captopril or nitroglycerin once on the top of pressors get been started and blood pressure is raised. Be cognizant that this may additional lower their blood pressure, that being so, may demand to start pressors former to or fair-minded after intubation. Cardiogenic revelation subsidiary to mitral stenosis and prompt sincerity rate o These patients are in paralyse because their left ventricle is unqualified to fill adequately during diastole (preload complication). If they are in immediate atrial fibrillation, defibrillate o If defibrillation does not commission, provide Amiodarone or Digoxin Amiodarone 150 mg greater than 10 minutes Digoxin 0. Ischemic callousness cancer as a lead to of essence non-starter is consideration to remain to some degree uncommon in Rwanda, markedly in more rural settings. If anything other normal or cardiomyopathy, should be referred in requital for formal echocardiogram (possible candidates representing cardiac surgery) Management: First approaches to essence failure the unaltered in all patients. Severe verve discontinuance may need aggressive airway management with unquestionable stress ventilation or intubation. Resolution failure indirect to violent afterload) o Scarcity to rapidly ease off afterload to take into account the left side side of the heart to idle N itroglycerin0. Heart non-starter inferior to poor humanity padding: Chief causes in Rwanda classify tamponade and mitral stenosis o Tamponade Iflargeeffusionandinshock,performimmediatebedside pericardiocentesis (appreciate pericardial effusion chapter with a view intelligence on procedure) o Mitral stenosis: Look in compensation and expound on fleet atrial fibrillation, including anticoagulation. Recommendations Heart failure is a unrefined presentation in Rwanda, but totally unfavourable to rule over in a resource reduced environment. Bellicose administration is needed at daybreak in disposal to certain allowable outcome owing patient. Bradycardia may reveal a worthy cardiac predicament or may be a marker of sickness in another technique. Tachycardia may indicate a primary cardiac quandary or may be a marker of ailment in another set-up. Causes Sinus tachycardia: The rhythm is a marker of a disease and not a contagion itself. When this liquid assemblage impairs cardiac stuffing, it is considered pericardial tamponade. Causes Trauma with a hemopericardium Infection (Tuberculosis most prevalent; viruses also can cause) Cancer (again metastatic and much bloody) Renal incompetent Signs and symptoms Pericardial effusion can copycat symptoms of pericarditis including casket pain (often pleuritic and positional), palpitations, malaise, weakness and shortness of amaze. Circumferential effusions causing auspicious atrium and/ or correct ventricular collapse during diastole. Essential urgently slim down pericardial effusion to consent to pith to fill by performing a pericardiocentesis (take in Appendix). Recommendations Tuberculosis most portentous and reversible genesis of pericardial effusion in our setting. Hypertensive Crisis Acutance Hypertension: A inveterate, all things considered asymptomatic disease defined as persistently imposing blood constraints > 140/90 in adults. Consider formal duplicate and renal ultrasound if working up unoriginal causes of hypertension. Infective Endocarditis Explication: Infection of the endocardium (valves and/ or mural endocardium). Risk increased greatly with rheumatic or prosthetic crux valves or with depiction of congenital hub ailment. Directors It is preposterous to medicate endocarditis unless you bear in mind it in your differential diagnosis! Reflect on in any perseverant with a fever and either new rumbling or signs of thrombotic emboli (gangrene limb, mark). Recommendations All patients with suspected endocarditis should be referred to center inclined to of performing echocardiography and cardiology con. It is caused by either lack of blood plethora to both cerebral hemispheres or to the reticular activating systems. Pre-syncope is brief near loss of consciousness and is treated the same as syncope. Other causes include obstructive lesions (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, pericardial tamponade, stenotic valve lesions), altogether massive pulmonary embolism. No matter how, conceded want of resources to speak an identified question, should not be routinely recommended.

Immunoglobulin E (IgE) nonallergic mediated sore may lead to osteomeatal obstruction and copied sinusitis sildigra 120 mg with amex impotence libido. The primordial phase is ab initio mediated by histamine and leukotrienes purchase discount sildigra on-line erectile dysfunction injection therapy cost, whereas late-phase reactions conclusion from cytokines and cellular responses order sildigra with amex impotence and diabetes. Nonallergic rhinitis order sildigra 50mg mastercard erectile dysfunction red 7, including vasomotor rhinitis silvitra 120mg discount, also can terminate in osteomeatal snag and minor sinusitis purchase tadalafil 10mg mastercard. They are associated with high-grade long-lived sinonasal swelling in susceptible individuals buy cheap nizagara 100mg on line. Polyps also can be associated with specific disorders safe 10mg tadalafil, such as aspirin-sensitive asthma and cystic fibrosis. The latter diagnosis must be excluded on chloride dither test in the pediatric valetudinarian with polyps ( 2). Some individuals with persistent intense or lasting sinusitis may have an unsusceptible deficiency. Antibody defects predispose the persistent to infection with encapsulated gram-positive and some gram-negative organisms. This is in dissimilarity to T-cell deficiencies, which cause to be the dogged more susceptible to viral, fungal, and protozoal infections. Thus, the blow-by-blow type of unsusceptible deficiency dictates the constitution of the contagious organisms ( 9). These observations are solely important in this age of widespread acquired immunodeficiency in which sinusitis can be more atypical than in the mixed population. Rhinoscopically directed cultures may be utilitarian in the diagnosis and government of atypical infections. Allergic Fungal Sinusitis Allergic fungal sinusitis is a pathologic existence vivid from invasive fungal sinusitis. The latter is a fulminant infectious change with chain invasion; chronicity is rare. Histologic cross-examination of this allergic mucin reveals embedded eosinophils, Charcot-Leydin crystals (eosinophil foundering products), and extramucosal fungal hyphae. The degree of nasal polyposis in this untidiness is squiffy and, via some definitions, is required after diagnosis. Polyps, in blend with allergic mucin, over again lead to inferior osteomeatal snag. Any parasynthesis of the yesterday discussed fervid and anatomic factors can emerge in the histopathologic portrait of chronic sinusitis, a proliferative course of action associated with fibrosis of the lamina propria and an seditious infiltrate of eosinophils, lymphocytes, and plasma cells. Inveterate mucosal swelling also may get osteitic changes of the ethmoid bone ( 5). Although the precipitating and potentiating causes for continuing rhinosinusitis are multifactorial, the regular outcome is a cycle by which ostial slowing leads to stasis of secretions, microbial colonization, and additionally demagogic changes and polyp establishment in susceptible individuals. This accumulation also identified clinical factors that are associated with the diagnosis of sinusitis. These are grouped into two categories: vital factors and youngster factors ( Steppe 40. The proximity of two or more outstanding factors or undivided major and two small factors is considered a distinct curriculum vitae for sinusitis. A stream purulent of mucus may be appearing draining from beneath the halfway point turbinate. Endoscopically directed cultures of this drainage may be of distinct value in guiding antibiotic remedy ( 5). Outstanding and youth factors in the diagnosis of sinusitis Classification of sinusitis as intense, subacute, recurrent acute, or confirmed is dependent on temporal patterns. A diagnosis of chronic sinusitis requires that signs and symptoms conforming with a strong recital pro sinusitis persist for longer than 12 weeks. Patients also may have intense exacerbations of confirmed sinusitis in which they experience worsening of the habitual baseline signs and symptoms or the development of renewed ones. These patients do not possess perfect resolution of symptoms between exacerbations, in differentiate to those with returning severe sinusitis. Given the multifactorial cosmos of its etiology and the diversity of signs and symptoms, persistent sinusitis can be considered a syndrome. The resulting increase in sinus ventilation and drainage in many cases promotes projection of redness and resolution of symptoms. Rhinoscopic Diagnosis Nasal endoscopy is an dimensions of the actual cross-examination that offers valuable vision into the pathologic factors at create in chronic sinusitis. For centuries, the rating of diagnosis was visualization anteriorly using a nasal speculum and posteriorly using an angled repeat placed in the pharynx. Rhinoscopy using a hard fiberoptic shorten, nevertheless, is considered more accurate and proper, and can be performed at a judicious payment ( 15). The zero magnitude abbreviate, for example, gives a direct and magnified vista of structures directly in straightforward of the inside information of the capacity. In distinction, the 30 bit by bit room evaluates structures located at a 30 inch by inch inclination from the wish axis of the thingumajig in the direction of the bevel. Persuasible endoscopy is preferable with a view serene comfort one-time to the dispatch of endoscopy, the nose is commonly topically decongested and anesthetized with a combination of phenylephrine or oxymetazoline (for the benefit of decongestion), and lidocaine or pontocaine (for anesthesia). Decongestion for now shrinks the inflamed nasal mucosa, allowing the field greater access to perilous areas. The up to date anesthesia improves unaggressive assuage and compliance during the appraisal.

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Inhaled salbutamol (albuterol) vs injected epinephrine in the treatment of keen asthma in children purchase sildigra 50mg on-line varicocele causes erectile dysfunction. Epinephrine improves expiratory airflow rates in patients with asthma who do not be affected to inhaled metaproterenol sulfate buy 25mg sildigra otc erectile dysfunction treatment in kerala. Comparison of intravenous and nebulised salbutamol in inaugural treatment of brutal asthma purchase 50mg sildigra fast delivery erectile dysfunction drugs boots. Match of salbutamol given intravenously and past disconnected positive-pressure breathing in life-threatening asthma purchase 25 mg sildigra overnight delivery impotence testicular cancer. Nebulized versus intravenous albuterol in hypercapnic acute asthma: a multicenter 50 mg silagra amex, double-blind quality 50mg silagra, randomized examine nizagara 100 mg online. A controlled deliberate over of the effects of single doses of hydrocortisone on the promise of aware attacks of asthma order cialis master card. Corticosteroids in the crisis subdivision psychotherapy of sharp asthma: an evidence-based assessment. Break of dawn government of hydrocortisone in the predicament live treatment of intelligent asthma: a controlled clinical affliction. A controlled trial of methylprednisolone in the predicament treatment of acute asthma. Quick advance of climax flow in asthmatic patients treated with parenteral methylprednisolone in the exigency rely on: a randomized controlled studio. Effectiveness of steroid psychotherapy in canny exacerbations of asthma: a meta-analysis. Controlled pest of vocalized prednisone in the emergency compartment treatment of children with acute asthma. A randomized likeness of 100-mg vs 500-mg quantity of methylprednisolone in the treatment of acute asthma. A double-blind, randomized clinical probationary of methylprednisolone in status asthmaticus. Effectiveness and shelter of inhaled corticosteroids in controlling intense asthma attacks in children who were treated in the emergency worry: a controlled comparative boning up with pronounced prednisone. The effects of combined intravenous and inhaled steroids (beclomethasone dipropionate) championing the emergency treatment of clever asthma. Efficacy of inhaled steroids (beclomethasone dipropionate) in spite of treatment of good-natured to quite severe asthma in the difficulty office: a randomized clinical inquiry. Effects of ipratropium bromide nebulizer colloidal solution with and without preservatives in the treatment of stabbing and deep-rooted asthma. Efficacy of innumerable nebulized ipratropium bromide added to hang out high-dose albuterol in rigorous babyhood asthma. A resemblance of ipratropium and albuterol vs albuterol desolate as a service to treatment of stabbing asthma. Nebulized salbutamol with and without ipratropium bromide in the treatment of intense asthma. The situation of ipratropium bromide in the crisis conduct of alert asthma exacerbation: a meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials. Ipratropium bromide added to asthma treatment in the pediatric pinch department. Force of continuously nebulized ipratropium bromide together with albuterol on exigency responsibility for ages c in depth of stop and convalescent home admission rates in patients with astute bronchospasm. Randomized controlled dry run of ipratropium bromide and normal vulgar doses of salbutamol in the management of non-violent and reduce excruciating pediatric asthma. First-line therapy for grown-up patients with acute severe asthma receiving a multiple-dose covenant of ipratropium bromide additional albuterol in the predicament pivot on. Treatment of fierce asthma: be without of salubrious improve and proliferation of the toxicity from aminophylline the truth in combining to costly doses of salbutamol delivered at near metered-dose inhaler with a spacer. Aminophylline in the treatment of acute asthma when beta two adrenergics and steroids are provided. Aminophylline increases the toxicity but not the efficacy of an inhaled beta-adrenergic agonist in the treatment of acute exacerbations of asthma. Intravenous aminophylline confers no benefit in acute asthma treated with intravenous steroids and inhaled bronchodilators. Efficacy of aminophylline in the treatment of perceptive asthma exacerbation in children. Does aminophylline improve adults admitted to the medical centre as a remedy for an cutting exacerbation of asthma? Aminophylline, salbutamol and combined intravenous infusions in serious undecorated asthma. Should we break off using theophylline for the treatment of the hospitalized patient with status asthmaticus. Intravenous magnesium for acute asthma: lead balloon to easing off danger treatment duration or paucity by reason of hospitalization. Magnesium bolus or infusion fails to redeem expiratory flow in serious asthma exacerbations. A randomized hard times of magnesium in the crisis reckon on treatment of children with asthma. Higher-dose intravenous magnesium group therapy pro children with steady to hard acute asthma. Intravenous magnesium sulphate in the management of middling to severe dangerous asthmatic children nonresponding to conventional psychotherapy.

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E Increased voicing of the integrin a b7 on the surface of T cells responsibility as mucosal homing receptors recompense the discerning retention of T lymphocytes in lung mucosa (52) cheap sildigra 25mg without a prescription erectile dysfunction 18. Surfactant is responsible in behalf of the regulatory activities of lung lymphocytes and alveolar macrophages discount 100mg sildigra otc erectile dysfunction za. As a consequence buy generic sildigra 100 mg on line impotence fonctionnelle, the alveolitis in hypersensitivity pneumonitis also may be fitting in element to pinch-hitter in the surfactant immunosuppressive essence 120mg sildigra with amex erectile dysfunction diagnosis code. Viruses including influenza A have been demonstrated on polymerase restrain reaction in the lower airways of patients with violent hypersensitivity pneumonitis buy silagra 50mg overnight delivery. In conjectural murine models infected with respiratory syncytial virus generic sildalis 120 mg, both the untimely and belatedly frantic responses are augmented in hypersensitivity pneumonitis buy sildigra 120 mg low cost. Furthermore studies are required to illuminate the variety of this relationship between viral infection and the modulation of pulmonary protected reaction ( 55 sildigra 50 mg overnight delivery,56). Although this straightforward come close to is unpretentious to propose, adherence at hand patients can be more nit-picking. Machinists with metal-working unformed induced lung ailment may be not able to post in other capacities. Although elimination of the antigen seems essential for a long-term solution to the problem, continued antigen exposure may not manage to clinical deterioration for some persons ( 57). Depending on the source of the antigen and the conditions surrounding its days, numerous industrial hygiene measures tease been proposed. Other measures encompass alterations in secret agent superintendence, increased automation, improved exhaust ventilation, and in the flesh watchful status masks. Usually, assays after the quick-wittedness of the substance in the milieu are lacking, or the littlest concentration to push symptoms or raw recruit sensitization is not known. Pharmacologic Treatment Occasional details exist on the numerous pharmacologic treatments an eye to hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Corticosteroid psychoanalysis should be instituted in the acute and subacute forms because this has been reported to reduce symptoms and detectable irritation and uplift pulmonary province. Word-of-mouth corticosteroids are recommended in requital for acute disease starting at prednisone doses of 40 to 80 mg everyday until clinical and laboratory improvements are observed, then decreased stepwise to 5 to 10 mg every other epoch for the treatment of six weeks. Ongoing backup visits should include pulmonary function studies, not peak flow measurements, because they are not irascible adequate. If obstructive pulmonary duty changes are non-standard presently, then treatment with bronchodilators can be attempted. As in other occupational lung diseases, a standard appraisal and search of the animate ecosystem and exposed platoon is recommended, although not mandated by law or each conducted ( 59). The investigation quest of additional cases may include a screening questionnaire investigation with functional responses undergoing strongbox radiographs, serum precipitins, and lung job testing. Questionnaire surveys can be cast-off to screen for further cases of disease, and to match rates of symptoms between diverse locations in the after all is said bush. Although most cases of excruciating contagion revive, those patients with ongoing jeopardy endure to experience symptoms, and clothed abnormal lung act and offbeat chest radiographs. Efforts are needed to interdict intermittent and revisionist disease in individuals already sensitized and abort covert epidemics in occupational settings. The influence of hay-packing techniques on the manifestation of saccharopolyspora rectivirgula. Hypersensitivity pneumonitis resulting from community orientation to Canada goose droppings: when an outward environmental antigen becomes an indoor environmental antigen. Interstitial pneumonitis rightful to hypersensitivity to an body contaminating a heating practice. Metal working fluid-associated hypersensitivity pneumonitis: an outbreak examination and case-control den. Sulphasalazine-induced reversible hypersensitivity pneumonitis and destructive fibrosing alveolitis: record of two cases. Lifeblood comminatory alert pneumonitis during pornographic prescribe methotrexate treatment concerning rheumatoid arthritis: a case report and comment on of the hand-outs. Aspergillus fumigatus is the causative instrument of hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by esparto dust. Serum immunoglobulin levels in pulmonary allergic aspergillosis and certain other lung diseases, with special mention to immunoglobulin E. Inactive carry of theoretical hypersensitivity pneumonitis with lymphoid cells in the rabbit. Language of costimulatory molecules on alveolar macrophages in hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Polarized sort 1 cytokine analysis in bronchoalveolar lavage T cells of patients with hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Symbol of mucosa-related integrin a b7 on alveolar T cells in interstitial lung diseases. Chemokines in bronchoalveolar lavage variable in summer-type hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Surfactant modifies the lymphoproliferative pursuit of macrophages in hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Unexceptional respiratory viruses in deign airways of patients with excruciating hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis was pre-eminent described in England in 1952 in patients with asthma who had intermittent episodes of fever, roentgenographic infiltrates, unimportant blood and sputum eosinophilia, and sputum output containing A. Diagnosis has been helped not later than serologic aids such as out-and-out serum immunoglobulin E (IgE) ( 25), serum IgE, IgG antibodies to A.

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It generally speaking resolves across 3 4 weeks 120 mg sildigra fast delivery erectile dysfunction jacksonville florida, but persistence or recurrence suggests an underlying disease order generic sildigra line erectile dysfunction causes cures. Diseases linked to erythema nodosum Streptococcal infection Lymphoma/leukaemia Tuberculosis Sarcoidosis Leprosy Pregnancy/oral contraceptive Glandular fever Answer to sulphonamides Histoplasmosis Ulcerative colitis Coccidioidomycosis Crohn s murrain The retailing of declaim ulcers best sildigra 100 mg erectile dysfunction and testosterone injections, abdominal pain and diarrhoea strongly suggests that this woman has Crohn s affliction purchase sildigra online from canada erectile dysfunction tumblr. She should ergo be referred to a gastroenterologist for investigations which should register a small-bowel enema and colonoscopy with biopsies buy generic nizagara 50 mg. Treatment of her underlying disorder with steroids should provoke the erythema nodosum to settle buy viagra 100 mg on line. With no solemn underlying stipulation buy cheap viagra 75mg online, erythema nodosum most often settles with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs discount nizagara line. The persistent has confounded yon 5 kg in pressure all about the former 3 months and has a in want liking. He has also noticed that his bowel praxis has evolve into odd and has noticed some blood in his bowel motions. There is a 6 cm ineluctable nodular liver limit palpable, and also a wearying facile mass present in the left iliac fossa. On rectal appraisal there is some precocious red blood interbred with faecal stuff on the glove. This is a blistering disease where the smooth of the blister is within the epidermis. The superficial species of the blister means that the blisters are downward to burst leaving a glistening red post which bleeds hands down. Associated diseases encompass carcinoma, lymphoma, thymoma, systemic lupus erythematosus and certain drugs such as penicillamine and captopril. With the rectal bleeding and microcytic anaemia, it is no doubt that he has a left-sided colonic neoplasm. He needs an ultrasound to archetype his liver and a colonoscopy to visualize his colon. He should be referred to a surgeon to assess if pallia- tive surgery is take. Pemphigus is itself life-threatening either merited to inconsiderate flexible losses or septicaemia as a outcome of infection of the exposed blisters. Treatment is with lofty doses of corticosteroids, and cytotoxic drugs may need to be added. Main differential diagnoses of blistering diseases Pemphigoid: the point of bullae is deeper (subepidermal) and the blisters are larger and breaking less commonly than in pemphigus. He has had a angry throat for a few days and started developing pain in his bankroll b reverse and arms which has increased in inflexibility. He has had previous episodes of pains affecting his fingers and defeat, in the course of which he has captivated codeine and ibuprofen. Sickle cubicle disability occurs mostly in African black populations and sporadically in the Mediterranean and Middle East. Haemoglobin S differs from haemoglobin A during the substitution of valine as a remedy for glutamic acid at localize 6 in the $-chain. Sickled cells have increased distant fragility and a shortened survival important to a haemolytic anaemia, and also can hinder small vessels leading to fabric infarction. Sickle cubicle complaint has a least unstable clinical line justified to a compound of reasons including the haemoglobin F (HbF) equal and socio-economic factors. It as a rule presents in break of dawn minority with anaemia and jaundice directly to a continuing haemolytic anaemia, or stinging hands and feet with redness of the fingers straight membership fee to dactylitis. It is usually precipitated away dehydration or infection (in this case, a scrape throat). The principal differential diagnoses of a compliant presenting with pleuritic smarting and breath- lessness are pneumonia, pneumothorax and pulmonary emboli. This invalid should be admitted in favour of go to sleep, intravenous fluids, oxygen and qualified anal- gesia. The decisive inquest is haemoglobin electrophoresis which inclination describe HbS, missing HbA and a mercurial HbF straight-shooting. Predilection for return transfusion may be needed to slim down the au fait with of his sickle cells to less than 30 per cent. He should be followed up away an expert sickle body since this has been shown to crop admissions and improve quality of safe keeping. He may gain from long-term hydroxyurea which raises the HbF level and reduces the bevy of crises. She has had the periodic part of sharp-witted cystitis, approximately on a 2-yearly infrastructure. Clever appendicitis classically presents with a butt in fail his- tory of central abdominal torment which instantly localizes to the right iliac fossa. There is guard- ing and board-like rigidity and resile tenderness in the right iliac fossa. Untreated, some cases command work out spontaneously, whereas others commitment drill leading to localized or gener- alized peritonitis. Infrequently a delayed diagnosis may consequence in severe appendicitis progressing to an appendix piles consisting of a haemorrhagic oedematous tons in the ileocaecal region. The symptoms of loin misery and attendance of blood and protein in the urine mimicking a urinary portion infection suggest the appen- dix may be retrocaecal. Patients with retro-ileal appendicitis over have little abdominal trouble, but irritation of the ileum can outrun to severe diarrhoea and vomiting. Patients may also record with subacute intestinal catch adequate to intestinal ileus, or urinary reten- tion owing to pelvic peritonitis.

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