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Minneapolis Skyway Fun – Skyway adventure – Explore Minneapolis Skyways

Explore Minneapolis Skyways

The Minneapolis winters can be brutal, but that doesn’t mean Minneapolis adventures need to stop! I recently took a long walk from one end of the Minneapolis skyway system to the other, snaking in and out from the Hyatt Regency to a Parking ramp by the North Loop, hitting up little hangout spots along the way like Barnes and Noble in Downtown Mpls.

Here’s a map of the Minneapolis Skyways!

Map of the Minneapolis Skyway System


There are still 2 far corners I’d like to visit in this system, and I totally understand for people that work on the skyway how they might find the skyway to have a less adventurous feel than I – since I just explored it for fun. Here are some photos and videos from my Minneapolis Skyway adventure πŸ™‚


I walked through Loring Park andΒ through a path that goes through condo’s on either side – and found an entry to the skyways in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. After roaming a bit, passing through the Minneapolis Convention Center I came across this sharp hotel I used to work at The Hotel Ivy.


The slick Hotel Ivy in Downtown Minneapolis – on a skyway adventure this morning, check my story πŸ™‚

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It was nice to have 3 or 4 hours to spare so I could stop, relax, buy some headphones and listen to audiobooks and notice the little things in life.

You might notice on your skyway adventure that theres a suprising lack of public bathrooms on the way – I found one in the Barnes and Noble that is open for the general public, and then kept on my way – past the Mayo Clinic building, and by First Ave.

First Ave. from the skyway


I was starting a juice cleanse so I wanted to get a good long brisk walk and hydrate in to kick it off. I even did a little choose your own skyway adventure for people that follow me on Twitter… luckily they pointed me in the direction of my office!



If you decide to take a Minneapolis Skyway Adventure, share your experiences – I definitely think it can be a fun place and not mundane, if you enjoy the little things and take your time!

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