Grab Coffee and the Best Buns in Minneapolis | Explore MPLS
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Grab Coffee and the Best Buns in Minneapolis

Grab coffee and Minneapolis’ Best Cinnamon Roll at Isles Bun and Coffee. This cozy little shop cranks out some of the best cinnamon and caramel gooeyness known to Minnesotans. They are made daily right behind the counter and the smell billows down the block. Frosting lovers: you have met your match- There is a tub of frosting waiting for you at the creamer and stir sticks table that allows you to frost until your heart is content. On days that I am not as hungry (or have better self control) I go for the Puppy Tails. These are little twists of cinnamon roll that satisfy your sweet tooth without putting you into a full-fledged sugar coma.

There is very limited seating inside so either grab these delicious bites for the road or take a seat outside. If you can’t make the trip they also deliver to select areas in the Metro area.  Just order a day in advance!

My favorite way to enjoy is to plan a walk around Lake of the Isles for after. This makes me feel less guilty about the 10,000 grams of sugar I just inhaled and offers a pretty scenic walk. This lake tends to be a little quieter than Calhoun and there are plenty of benches along the way to sip coffee on. Bonus Perk! There is a great dog park on one side called Lake of the Isles Dog Park. Gypsy loves playing here and since it’s a little smaller it tends to be less intimidating for the more shy pups.

Another way to explore Lake of the Isles and the surrounding area is Nice Ride! There is a dock right next to Isles Bun and Coffee so if this is your speed hop on after a bun or stop in after a ride for a treat. Check out their website for all locations and updates on how many bikes are left at each station here.

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