Kado No Mise | Traditional Japanese | North Loop Minneapolis
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Kado No Mise Lunch

Kado No Mise – North Loop Traditional Japanese

When Tim and I moved to the North Loop, we were both so excited for the amount of amazing restaurants we would be surrounded by, most within walking distance.

Shortly after we moved, Kado No Mise opened it’s doors. We had walked by multiple times and I had heard some buzz about some of the chefs/owners, so I was excited to try it out. A few of our friends and family tried it before us (even though its right in our back yard) and gave good, yet, underwhelming reviews. This caused me to prolong my first visit until earlier this fall.

The interior of Kado No Mise is great. It’s warm and welcoming, yet clean and sparse. I love how bright it is, and how much white space they left. It gives the feeling of cleanliness (a perk wherever raw food is being served) yet is inviting immediately upon entering. I don’t have many decor photos! I will be sure to add some next time I return šŸ™‚

Kado No Mise Table Set Up

A little back story about my taste, I love sushi, sashimi, nigiri, etc. and if I am in a place that serves it, I am generally not interested in anything else. However, in an ordering panic I accidentally placed an order for Inaniwa Udon-Ā akita-style udon noodle soup with vegetable tempura, along with an arrangement of sashimi and nigiri. This soup, blew my mind. I have never craved a soup so much, and have brought Tim back multiple times whenever I get a hankering.

Kado No Mise Udon Soup

My sashimi and nigiri were great, the quality of the fist was excellent, and I was able to try things I wouldn’t be able to other places ( one of the my favorites was the barracuda- not sure it’s always on the menu though).

Tim and I have also gone in for lunch, which is a great option. They offer a sushi bowl with daily assortments, accompanied by miso soup. It’s a perfect lunch portion that leaves you satisfied without mid-day carb drag.

Kado No Mise Lunch

One funny thing I would note about this spot- there is very little spice in any of the dishes. There is a large amount of respect paid to the taste of the fish so it’s absolutely understandable, just anĀ interestingĀ side note.Ā  A girlfriend and I even tried ordering a spicy margarita, and it was barely detectable.

Overall,Ā  I definitely recommend trying Kado No Mise– especially the soup!Ā  It is probably one of the most traditional Japanese places I have been, and the quality of the food is excellent. They also offer an even more traditional experience in their upstairs restaurant- Kaiseki Furukawa. I have yet to try this out but it is on my list!

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