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Things to do on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis

Taking a long stroll around Lake Calhoun

Guest Post by Tim Brown

My favorite past-time in Minneapolis is to stroll around Lake Calhoun with a pup on the leash. Yes… this is a very ‘basic’ thing to do for locals, but if you’re not from around here – you should consider it as part of your full Minneapolis experience.

Might I suggest a lovely cheeseburger at Burger Jones nearby, or Sushi at my favorite Sushi place in Minnesota – Wakame that is just a hop skip and a jump off of the several mile path around Lake Calhoun. Lake Calhoun has 3 separate beaches and a lot of little nooks, crannies, and docks to get distracted by and have fun at.

There are a lot of awesome lakes to walk, bike, or skate around in Minneapolis – but this is the one I first enjoyed as a kid who wanted to move to Uptown Minneapolis – we’d drink boxed wine and go down by the lake to hear a saxophonist in the distance and soak up some rays on the beach. For me, this is an iconic and memorable lake that really draws out some of the best of Minneapolisites. It’s social, dog friendly, full of bikers and runners – and smiling people of every variety when it’s nice out.

You can set up early on a sunny day and lay claim to a volleyball court, or just lay out on the beach. There are at least 20 great restaurants within walking distance of the lake if you want to walk a little further to Calhoun square, or grab some fish taco’s at the Tin Fish which is right on the lake by the Calhoun Boat Club.

Gypsy grumpily walking around Lake Calhoun.

There are ton of other things to get into in this area, including renting a paddleboard, or a pedal boat and going down the stream that connects Lake Calhoun to Lake of the Isles, or even around the way to check out the wealthier neighborhoods that line some of the smaller bodies of water – and over to a place called Hidden Beach by locals.

For those with a hankering for something off the beaten path, you’ve got your bit more hippy vibe, a bit of partying and some delightful little paths that take you off the beach and into spots that are more obscure. I’ve even camped there, but I maybe wouldn’t suggest that – as it was probably illegal. But hey! all-in-all a ton of variety to be had over in this area and some of the best people watching in the city.


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